• Catherine Morrison SVTT '15

    Project Manager at Apple
    Favorite Visit: Hunter Walk @ Homebrew

    TigerTrek and its speakers exposed Catherine to the breadth and depth of the Valley. For her it “became clear that joining the tech industry was not about building technology alone, but about how technology can help achieve a vision.” After the trip Catherine jumped on board and could not be more excited to learn more – this fall she’ll be joining Apple on the Watch team as a Project Manager working cross-functionally with design, engineering, and marketing teams to build out the HealthKit apps.

  • Charlie Marsh SVTT ‘13

    Software Engineer at Khan Academy
    Favorite Visit: Sam @ ClassDojo

    TigerTrek provided Charlie with the opportunity to meet one of his personal heroes (and current boss), Sal Khan. But even beyond that visit to Khan Academy, the trip really pushed him “to pursue and find meaning in impact,” a lesson that he considers increasingly important for college graduates. Now as a member of the mobile engineering team at Khan Academy, he works to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere.

  • Darshan Desai SVTT ‘14

    Founder of Plan
    Favorite Visit: Andy Rachleff @ Wealthfront

    “SVTT was definitely a driving force behind my decision to take time off to pursue Plan” says Darshan. “The trip changed my perspective on my career path. I couldn’t let all I had learned just fade away – so I took a year off school to start Plan.” Plan builds software that organizes work. It constructs an intelligent layer over your team’s work tools to help individuals and managers manage their work lives more easily.

  • Maxim Zaslavsky SVTT ‘14

    Biology Researcher at Mount Sinai
    Favorite Visit: Meg Whitman @ HPE

    For Maxim, TigerTrek was a chance to see if the culture of Silicon Valley meshed with his academic nature. He was skeptical about drinking from the hose of entrepreneurship and knew that the trip could guide his personal exploration. He saw good things and bad things: he was swayed by mantra of taking risks, loved data-centric speakers but saw a lot of folks too interested in making money and building things for the sake of building things. Maxim took the takeaways from the trip and has been applying them in other ways more meaningful to him like the combination of entrepreneurship and biology research.

  • Paul Dornier SVTT '15

    Founder of Meetingbird
    Favorite Visit: Peter Fenton @ Benchmark

    I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of TigerTrek 2015. I learned a ton from both the speakers that we met with and the other students on the trip.” Paul’s experience on SVTT was one of the major factors that pushed him to work on his startup, Meetingbird, full time. Meetingbird is a real-time meeting platform backed by the Y Combinator Fellowship that makes teams more transparent and productive.

  • Priya Krishnan SVTT ‘15

    VC Analyst at True Ventures
    Favorite Visit: Bill Campbell @ KPCB

    Priya truly had her career path altered by TigerTrek. After completing a summer internship in finance, she was ready to go back but decided to go on TigerTrek. “TigerTrek did a good job exposing us to women in tech and leadership roles like Meg Whitman. I also dispelled my misguided belief that you have to be a Computer Science major to succeed in the Bay Area.” These factors led her to change course and utilize TigerTrek alumni and a newfound passion for Silicon Valley. This upcoming year, she will be a True Ventures analyst and Haji Fellow, researching and doing business development for a startup working on the Internet-of-Things for vehicles.

  • Raymond Zhong SVTT ‘12

    Product Manager at Predata
    Favorite Visit: Bill Campbell @ KPCB

    Raymond went on TigerTrek because it seemed like a great opportunity to meet cool people. The trip’s influence sent him on a gap year from Princeton to work at a few startups. This in turn gave him the confidence to join “something unproven, something exciting.” After graduating, Raymond then became a part of Predata, a SaaS company evaluating geopolitical risks, as the last member of the founding team alongside fellow Princetonians and a Princeton professor. TigerTrek he believes had compounding returns for him; engagement in opportunities through Princeton and making connections led him to further opportunities and connections down the road. Raymond maintains that “some of his closest friendships evolved out of TigerTrek.”

  • Sarah Adams SVTT ‘12

    Product Manager at stealth startup Forward

    Favorite Visit: Sheryl Sandberg @ Facebook

    Sarah was a civil engineer interested in technology from an energy perspective. She loved TigerTrek because of the speakers’ honesty (made possible by the trip’s small closed-door sessions). She heard one constant thread: it is okay to fail, especially when you’re early in your career, as long as your fail smart. She was told to do something that could really matter and made amazing friends along the way. “Everyone on the trip got to be really close. So cool to meet so many new people given that I was the only civil engineer. Most of us are still friends today.”