Meet the Legends of Silicon Valley

Princeton’s annual trip to Silicon Valley for a week of Q&As with legendary entrepreneurs.

Brought to you by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club.

If you could take the insights learned from generations of entrepreneurs, and combine them with the thrill of a schedule-packed week alongside the brightest students, you’ll have Silicon Valley TigerTrek. — Shubhro Saha ’15 (Computer Science)

TigerTrek was an unforgettable experience — one that I consistently go back to in my mind. The group of founders and venture capitalists that we met with was unparalleled for a trip of this nature, and each visit lived up its hype, with off-the-record comments and advice dished out at-will. — Charlie Marsh ’15 (Computer Science)

The opportunity to go on TigerTrek was a blessing for me. All I can express is gratitude. The trip reinvigorated my spirit at a time when I might have given up entrepreneurship. The relationships and wisdom gained from the trip are dear to me, and will help me in ways that I cannot currently foresee. TigerTrek was probably most valuable week of my Princeton experience, and that’s not an exaggeration. — Richard She ’12 (Molecular Biology)